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28/01/2019 - With a new theme and new colours, Starwave will soon be running leadership searches for the three clans. We also have worked out a few little bugs too. The joining incentive is going to run from now until the end of February, so instead of bringing one character to copper level, you can still bring two, and their companion as well! You are welcome to break this up as well. So, come join us, and let's see what goes on! With more people, hopefully, we intend to run events and make the site more PvE. Clan leadership will be opened soon too, hopefully!

26/11/2018 - Starwave is ready to go! There are still pieces to flatten, to make better, but its time to open and see how it all goes. Tis exciting to do so! Please feel free to advertise, tell people, etc and let's go. Once a few have joined, the first event will happen which is going to be finding clan leaders! Subforums in those areas are open for claiming too if you'd like them! Excited! Let's have some fun!

23/11/2018 - Much is done! Lands, guidebook is finished, profiles (save for the --> I can't work out what displaying that its driving me insane!) But I'm happy with everything and the progess of whats happening. I have some subforums to add to the clan lands, and then it will be almost ready to go for an opening and a beginning. There will be a SWP very early after opening too!

11/11/2018 - Starwave is underway. This is the first OOC news entry!

28/01/2019 - Starwave has seen quite a few new arrivals, and the clans are stirring. More arrive every day - and some of the Inherent and skeptical, some welcoming and others flat out angry and upset. However, they are accepting and soon, they will be seeking clan leaders - who will they be?

26/11/2018 - The time has come. Starwave's portals are open; the world is pulling newcomers to the shores. What will happen now?

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The quiet had perhaps been what had drawn her in the first place, separated for a moment from the bustle of a world she felt might not be ready for her.  Shunned under many circumstances, the creature she was held no inclinations that others might be similar to her in more ways than she could ever fathom. She had learned to be solitary, to be alone, because it had been something her mother had ingrained within her.  Now seeded in the foundational presence of this new realm, she peeked in through cautious eyes innocent of engagement beyond creatures she could bear any careful consideration with.  Of course there was Arch, though resting firmly on her shoulder he held little concern for what plight might be brought her way just yet.  He wreaked of weaponry, of misuse, of degradation and weather wear that stained the edges of his metallic form with sandy rusty reds and coppers that only she could really see.  It was his separation from the norm that probably wove their paths together, though rarely did she consider that perhaps he was meant to be something more of a protector than just some thing that stuck around.

It was midday and the sun spilled over every point within the cove's reach.  Water lapped up carefully along the sandy edge settling into the sand bleeding it for a darker, more sinister black than was present on the dry side.  The hint of red was perhaps what drew her to this place in the first place, though the hint of iron clinging to every particle here proved her a better reason to stay, considering she was certain few would want to come around here so willingly without cause.  For this reason she was at rest almost entirely in the open, strewn out wings akimbo while her legs were tucked neatly below her.  The water was just within reach of her, just brushing her knees in gentle kisses before retreating to the mass fumbling over itself as if enamored, tiny remnants of its contact left in beads like glass upon her scaly flesh.  The wind tossed the soft curls of her short mane about her face but the tendrils within her tail remained untouched, smoothed about in part beneath her while the rest was just close enough to her body that they were blocked.  She breathed deeply, inhaling the glimpses of tides and times before her arrival, exhaling them with the weight of her own presence which eventually stirred Arch from his own 'slumber' or whatever he supposed to call it anymore.  The strange feline structure straightened up, his movements fluid but far too fluid to be natural, his limbs reaching and testing as if running through a barrage of functions to ensure he was still in proper working order.  He stepped down and meandered to her front, his long tail bristling high before coiling slightly with an audible collection of clicks.  

How long we going to play this out Xi?  I hope not forever...even things like me don't have that kind of time.

She looked down to him and shook her head, scoffed, then chuckled at the edge of a small smirk as she retreated back to watching the water ebb and flow before her.

As long as I feel is necessary, though of course you are more than welcome to go do as you will.  I feel comfortable here, there's no need to rush things.

The feline stared at her for a long pause, unsure of what to say or even what to do, given his freedom in this situation he had the option to wander off but felt more inclined not to do that very thing.  After a time he gave off a sharp internal hiss and returned to her, though this time tucking beneath a wing, allowing the shade she provided to cool his internal processors that had become a bit hot sitting in the sun. 


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