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28/01/2019 - With a new theme and new colours, Starwave will soon be running leadership searches for the three clans. We also have worked out a few little bugs too. The joining incentive is going to run from now until the end of February, so instead of bringing one character to copper level, you can still bring two, and their companion as well! You are welcome to break this up as well. So, come join us, and let's see what goes on! With more people, hopefully, we intend to run events and make the site more PvE. Clan leadership will be opened soon too, hopefully!

26/11/2018 - Starwave is ready to go! There are still pieces to flatten, to make better, but its time to open and see how it all goes. Tis exciting to do so! Please feel free to advertise, tell people, etc and let's go. Once a few have joined, the first event will happen which is going to be finding clan leaders! Subforums in those areas are open for claiming too if you'd like them! Excited! Let's have some fun!

23/11/2018 - Much is done! Lands, guidebook is finished, profiles (save for the --> I can't work out what displaying that its driving me insane!) But I'm happy with everything and the progess of whats happening. I have some subforums to add to the clan lands, and then it will be almost ready to go for an opening and a beginning. There will be a SWP very early after opening too!

11/11/2018 - Starwave is underway. This is the first OOC news entry!

28/01/2019 - Starwave has seen quite a few new arrivals, and the clans are stirring. More arrive every day - and some of the Inherent and skeptical, some welcoming and others flat out angry and upset. However, they are accepting and soon, they will be seeking clan leaders - who will they be?

26/11/2018 - The time has come. Starwave's portals are open; the world is pulling newcomers to the shores. What will happen now?



OOC Account Souldark
Gender Mare
Age 24
Species/Breed Friesian, Iberian, Arabian mutt
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Clan Simulucra
Tine ⧋326.5
Total Posts: 9 (0.05 posts per day | 2.49 percent of total posts)
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The Poison-Hearted

I am poison

  • Name: Valena
  • Pronunciation: Val-en-ah
  • Meaning: Emerald

  • Breed: Friesian, Arabian, Iberian, Akhal Teke mutt
  • Height: 16hh

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24 years
  • Sexuality: Bi-sexual (preference for mares)
  • Partner(s): None
  • Herd: Simulucra
  • Rank: Unranked

  • Magic: Toxikinesis
  • Level: Copper (incentive)
  • Companion: Lesser Basilisk


A poison lady of toxic green and the deepest onyx Valena is a vision. Seductive, sexy and curvaceous in all the right ways she is both slender and sumptuous. Though she may tell you she comes from pure blood lines of the highest calibre in reality she a cross of many different breeds. Arabian, Iberian, Friesian and Akhal Teke blood all run through her veins though it has certainly benefitted her. Like the akhal teke she is graceful and slender, elegant like an Arabian and curved like an Iberian with the proud neck and head of a Friesian. At 16 hands she of reasonable height- not too tall and certainly not short. With luscious hair as smooth and silky as a goddesses’ she is divinity made flesh, adorned in jewellery she has collected over the years. You can always find an alluring expression upon her beautiful face, her lips set naturally into a look of subtle pride, those eyes glimmering with concealed emotion.

Mostly ebony in colour her coat is marked with brilliant emerald all over her body. At her ankles the green fades with spots of black breaking it up, similarly at her lower stomach the green fades broken with black. At her lower chest the poison graduates with no interruption but over one side of her face the colour drips from ear to shoulder like liquid death. Onyx locks flow from her proud neck, thick and wavy and dipped in toxic green.


Valena began life as a feisty, trouble causing little filly with a love of riches and a manner of self-imposed importance. Though her feistiness never changed Valena grew into a far more controlled woman, one with patience and cunning and one that you should never mess with.

Quite the mysterious character, upon first site she will attempt to seduce you- this comes from a desire to be in control in every situation in order to protect herself and thus seducing someone so that you are what they want allows her to control a situation. It also gives her power, a sense of empowerment when she cannot fight. Unlike her Viper Sister, Rose, Valena did not excel at combat and assassination- she had the capability but she didn’t like to get her hands dirty. No, she excelled at the manipulation, at the mind games and the persuasion she could have you wrapped around her little finger in a matter of seconds and promising her the world in minutes. A real sly creature, she knows what she wants and how to get it. Self-serving and intelligent she is as power-hungry as she is beautiful and is very beautiful.


Valena was born into a broken home; beginning her life in a brothel where she was raised by her courtesan mother. Even at a young age she possessed an air of being older than her years. Feisty from the moment she was born, her exposure to sexuality meant she learnt early on how to get attention from another and manipulate their desire to her own ends. Her father was a nobleman who accidentally got her mother pregnant and wanted nothing to do with his mistake of a daughter. However when Val’s mother threatened him with revealing his activities to his wife, he begrudgingly allowed Valena to live in his mansion. Her father disliked her, seeing her as scorn on his name and line. His legitimate daughter hated Valena and spent her life trying to make the illegitimate daughter’s life hell despite not knowing they were in fact related. Of course Valena herself didn’t give her half-sister an easy life and took to getting her own back in ways each more cunning and cutting than the next. The nobleman’s wife had no idea Valena was her husband’s accidental lovechild and believed the story that she was the daughter of some cousin twice removed who died recently. Though she was never unkind to Valena, the woman paid her little mind and tended to her own daughter instead. Valena never knew love from anyone, so her ideas about romance and desire were skewed in many ways. Valena was a trouble maker, she enjoyed the riches of a nobleman’s daughter and grew somewhat materialistic and began to want the same treatment as her father’s legitimate child. She threatened her father with revealing his secret to his wife and having grown tired of her trouble causing he threw her out on the street. Going from riches to rags was difficult for the girl used to a lap of luxury and her self-importance only made it more difficult for her to beg a room for the night. After three nights on the street you could hardly tell she had once lived in a mansion but there was still a beauty in the girl that had many unsavoury characters sniffing around. Until a particularly severe though stunningly gorgeous woman found her one day swearing colourfully at a group of men who had her backed up against a dead-end alleyway. Giving her a way out, a door to a world of riches once again the woman offered Valena a different life and so with no better option she took it. She was taken to the Viper’s Guild, a group of female assassins and agents who made it their job to change countries by worming their way into kingdoms and toppling them. Here Valena met Rose, a young mare of similar age. They two developed a love-hate relationship, sometimes friendly and sometimes incredibly competitive. Where Rose excelled in combat and assassination, Valena beat her at espionage and manipulation. After a few years training Valena became the woman she is today but she was self-serving and had no interest in working for the Viper’s Guild and so she left, risking their wrath. Now she seeks a land where a seat of power lies wide open for her to control.


An elemental, Valena’s abilities revolve around her capability to create and secrete an incredibly powerful toxin. As a young child her abilities lay dormant but as she hit her teenage years during her time in the Viper Guild her abilities became apparent, causing her form to alter. Poisonous green marred her previously ebony form, a drip of toxin down her face and neck that formed the markings you see today. Valena can create a toxic that she may secrete from any part of her body that she chooses, and she can also control the strength of the toxin. Valena may kill using her toxin, paralyse, cause great pain, mind control or merely put someone to sleep. She can also create toxins to aid in healing, mostly her own since she lacks the care to heal others. Mainly Valena passes her poisons on via a kiss, or a strike of her hoof though she prefers to former.

As she climbed through the levels, although Valena did not gain further abilities, her power increased meaning that at copper level she can create all levels of poisons but it takes a long time for the harder ones to be reproduced to use again.


Often confused with a rather weird looking snake, a Lesser Basilisk is so named because it comes from the basilisk family but lacks the size of its cousins. Other members of the basilisk family include a Cockatrice and a Dracolisk (draconic basilisk).

Lesser ‘lisks vary in size depending on gender, with the female of the species being larger and more dangerous. Males tend to be 2-3 feet in size when fully grown whereas females can are often 3-4 though a 6 ft one has been recorded. They bare the body shape and strength of a python with the neck wings of a cobra and a more draconic looking head. They lack the wings of the Dracolisk but have two small dragon-like front legs just below the neck-flaps. They can vary in colour but mostly take earthen tones. They are incredibly poisonous, able to take down creatures as large as dragons with just one bite.

Valena’s lesser basilisk is 5 foot in length and a poisonous green colour with cobra like markings on its back in a darker shade. Val named her Hemlock and has become rather protective of the little creature for despite the vicious nature of Dracolisks and Cockatrices, Lesser Basilisks are harmless unless provoked and Hemlock is far more innocent than her bonded.




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