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28/01/2019 - With a new theme and new colours, Starwave will soon be running leadership searches for the three clans. We also have worked out a few little bugs too. The joining incentive is going to run from now until the end of February, so instead of bringing one character to copper level, you can still bring two, and their companion as well! You are welcome to break this up as well. So, come join us, and let's see what goes on! With more people, hopefully, we intend to run events and make the site more PvE. Clan leadership will be opened soon too, hopefully!

26/11/2018 - Starwave is ready to go! There are still pieces to flatten, to make better, but its time to open and see how it all goes. Tis exciting to do so! Please feel free to advertise, tell people, etc and let's go. Once a few have joined, the first event will happen which is going to be finding clan leaders! Subforums in those areas are open for claiming too if you'd like them! Excited! Let's have some fun!

23/11/2018 - Much is done! Lands, guidebook is finished, profiles (save for the --> I can't work out what displaying that its driving me insane!) But I'm happy with everything and the progess of whats happening. I have some subforums to add to the clan lands, and then it will be almost ready to go for an opening and a beginning. There will be a SWP very early after opening too!

11/11/2018 - Starwave is underway. This is the first OOC news entry!

28/01/2019 - Starwave has seen quite a few new arrivals, and the clans are stirring. More arrive every day - and some of the Inherent and skeptical, some welcoming and others flat out angry and upset. However, they are accepting and soon, they will be seeking clan leaders - who will they be?

26/11/2018 - The time has come. Starwave's portals are open; the world is pulling newcomers to the shores. What will happen now?


The Daughter of Darkness

OOC Account Souldark
Gender Mare
Age 22
Species/Breed Friesian x Arabian
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Clan Nomad
Tine ⧋273.86
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Daughter of Darkness

I am not my father

  • Name: Elita LeMal
  • Pronunciation: El-ee-tah Luh-marl
  • Meaning: Destined for evil

  • Breed: Friesian x Arabian
  • Height: 16hh

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22 years
  • Sexuality: Bi-sexual
  • Partner(s): None, none previously
  • Herd: Nomad
  • Rank: Unranked

  • Magic: Erebokinesis
  • Level: Copper (incentive)
  • Companion: Bat-winged shadowcat(incentive)


Elita is a mix of her mother and father, even her face betraying the coming together of two feared magic wielders. Tall with light feathering and conceal muscle she is the perfect mix of Friesian and Arabian. Like her father, the majority of Elita’s coat is an inky black, so dark it seems to suck all light into it. Speckled in white, it is as though the very stars shine in that darkness. However chimera markings, in the palomino shade of her mother, break up the cloak of shadow. On the left side of her face palomino strikes her cheek as well her rump, right side of her chest and both forelegs. Lita’s eyes, framed by thick lashes, are a deep ocean blue that sparkles like the brightest of sapphires. Kept up in little buns, Elita’s mane is thick, wavy and a darker black than her coat whilst her spine extends all the way down her tail giving her a manoeuvrable unicorn tail draped in tan and cream hair with black undertones. From Elita’s brow rises an odd blue horn, a twisted spire of blue with thorns and a small tip of light at the top.


A beautiful young mare haunted by a destiny that seems to forever catch up with her, Elita comes across as very serious and quiet. Polite though guarded she keeps herself under control at all times and seems far older than her visage suggests. Having been shunned all her life, Elita finds it difficult to make friends and has been known in the past to take out her anger by cursing those who bullied her. Nothing particularly drastic since she could never allow herself to become the evil that was her father, but the odd cloud of shadow surrounding someone for a few days would at least abate the hurt. Now that she is older however, Elita does not resort to such childish frivolity and instead comes across with an air of graceful calm. The anger still bubbles just beneath the surface however, icy cold and kept on a tight leash. Despite her rather sensible and introverted nature, Elita is incredibly brave and very intelligent, skilled at Magii and ambitious despite the past hanging over her head. Once you get to know her she can be really considerate, selfless even and it’s not hard to fall in love with her if you ever get past her guard.


Elita will always be haunted by a destiny she tried to avoid and a past known to all. Her father, the Lord of Darkness and leader of the Darkness Occult as he so pompously named himself had many, many followers, but none so devout as Elita’s mother. Though the Lord Darkness never truly fell in love with anything other than his own power, Elita’s mother is perhaps the closest thing he experienced to passion. During the war between the Darkness, the citizens of Anvidian and (unbeknownst to them) the Celestials, Elita was born. When both her parents were killed during the Shadow War, Elita was passed between the remaining members of the Darkness, their intention was to raise her in her father’s image. However one member of the group had defected and when the babe was given to him and his wife they stole her away to the furthest corners of Alanaris, to Solterra where she could be protected. However, for fear that hiding the truth might only hasten her apparent destiny, Elita was raised with the knowledge that she was the daughter of the most powerful dark mage in existence. It was a crown that hung heavy on her young head, a target on her back for everyone to see and something that controlled her childhood as nothing else could. The people of Solterra were barely affected by her father’s race to power thanks to the might of Anvidian (and the Celestials) but that did not mean they were unaware of it. It was well known among the people of the Sun City exactly who Elita was and this cost her. Mothers would gaze pityingly at her whilst warning their children to keep away from Elita, or openly stare in fear at the girl who could surely not escape her destiny. She was born of darkness, how could she not return to it one day? Though the School of Magii in Solterra was not as renowned as the one in Anvidian, Elita prospered under their tutelage though it soon came apparent she possessed the immense power of her father, the control over Shadow Magii that was rarely seen. Where many teachers refused to guide her, an elderly man who had once taught at the Anvidian School decided to instruct her, knowing she would learn no control otherwise. For the first time in her youth Elita met someone who did not sneer at her, fear her or treat her like the proverbial plague and she connected with the wizened teacher. With him she wasn’t the daughter of evil, wasn’t the one destined to once again plunge the world into darkness, she didn’t have to be the person everyone expected her to be. Around everyone else she sought to live her name down, to be difficult and rude and a loner.

As the years went on and she grew up into a beautiful mare, serious and guarded, but beautiful and powerful. She was a snake poised to strike in the skin of a swan. Yet still Elita shunned her destiny, determined not to be the evil her father and mother were. It seemed however that the past would catch up in the form of one of her father’s top disciples. You cannot escape destiny, we will build a throne of bones for you and you will sit on it and rule. He said, utter conviction in his eyes as he stared at what he thought would be his salvation.

In the dead of night she stole away, catching a boat and leaving the land of Alanaris. For days and nights she travelled, for moons, for months. Trying to outrun the cruel claws of fate.


In Alanaris, Elita was born an Elemental with the ability to wield one of the rarest of gifts- Shadow Magii. Under her mentor’s tutelage she grew to understand and wield the full extent of her magii, with room to grow more powerful the older she got. In Starwave she retains her ability to wield Shadow magii but a lesser form of her otherwise powerful ability. Though she does not rely on her sorcery, Elita has found the transition difficult.

Abilities: 6

  • Manipulate shadows/darkness into various shapes. These shadows are tangible and can form weapons or block vision.
  • Turn her own form into shadow- though still tangible it allows her to blend into darkness and intimidate others.
  • Night vision- Elita can see far better in the darkness than any natural creature, this ability does not turn on or off and was incredibly weak at her first level.
  • Absorb light- This ability allows Elita to draw the light in a given area into the darkness.
  • Create darkness- Elita can form darkness and shadows from nothing, even if in a completely light room.
  • Shadow ‘hopping’- Teleportation from shadow to shadow, most taxing of Elita’s abilities and cannot teleport more than 3 metres away.

Gold: She can small amount of shadow that is already present but it takes a lot out of her. She can blind otherwise with darkness by forcing the shadows to grow denser and focusing them over the opponent’s eyes. Her ability to turn her own form into shadow lasts only a few seconds and has the greatest impact on her energy. Finally, her vision is better at night than in day, naturally, but at this level it is not as enhanced as it used to be.

Silver: At this level her previous abilities are increased- she can manipulate larger amounts of shadow and shape them into more complex forms than before, turn her own form to shadow longer than a minute and her vision is further enhanced. With this level another of her abilities are unlocked. Her darkness can absorb small amounts of light for a few minutes, making places darker.

Copper: At this level her abilities are a little less taxing and a little more increased. With the added strength all of her darkness abilities can become tangible, meaning the shapes she creates can physically harm another rather than simple blind them or cover her. Now she can create darkness and shadows where there are none she can use shadows to ‘hop’ from one shadow to the next, but only from one dark spot to another less than 3 metres away. All of these abilities however are still impacted by her energy and continue to be rather taxing meaning she cannot keep up prolonged use of them. Moreover, using different abilities takes more out of her than just sticking with (for example) blinding people with darkness.


Elita’s bonded is a shadowcat, a large, spotted, black panther with the wings of a bat. Like Elita, the shadowcat, Keera was an outcast and the two are rather similar in personality. Keera is quiet by nature and somewhat timid however she is incredibly protective of Elita and has been known to attack anyone who hurts her bonded.




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