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28/01/2019 - With a new theme and new colours, Starwave will soon be running leadership searches for the three clans. We also have worked out a few little bugs too. The joining incentive is going to run from now until the end of February, so instead of bringing one character to copper level, you can still bring two, and their companion as well! You are welcome to break this up as well. So, come join us, and let's see what goes on! With more people, hopefully, we intend to run events and make the site more PvE. Clan leadership will be opened soon too, hopefully!

26/11/2018 - Starwave is ready to go! There are still pieces to flatten, to make better, but its time to open and see how it all goes. Tis exciting to do so! Please feel free to advertise, tell people, etc and let's go. Once a few have joined, the first event will happen which is going to be finding clan leaders! Subforums in those areas are open for claiming too if you'd like them! Excited! Let's have some fun!

23/11/2018 - Much is done! Lands, guidebook is finished, profiles (save for the --> I can't work out what displaying that its driving me insane!) But I'm happy with everything and the progess of whats happening. I have some subforums to add to the clan lands, and then it will be almost ready to go for an opening and a beginning. There will be a SWP very early after opening too!

11/11/2018 - Starwave is underway. This is the first OOC news entry!

28/01/2019 - Starwave has seen quite a few new arrivals, and the clans are stirring. More arrive every day - and some of the Inherent and skeptical, some welcoming and others flat out angry and upset. However, they are accepting and soon, they will be seeking clan leaders - who will they be?

26/11/2018 - The time has come. Starwave's portals are open; the world is pulling newcomers to the shores. What will happen now?

Out of Character
  • Operations 10 POSTS in 9 THREADS
    Everything for maintenance is found here. Updates, announcements, questions and suggestions and the like. If you have a very important update or worry please PM a staff member! Anything important to the site will find will be announced here.

    LAST POST made in Questions & Suggestions by Souldark on 12-04-2018, 03:06 PM.
  • The Registry 131 POSTS in 61 THREADS
    All new members need to come here to register their accounts. Members must join their out of character accounts, and then their characters in the Registry, and they will be sorted to each forum. Account deletion is also done in this forum.

    LAST POST made in Xaori by Xaori on 03-17-2019, 06:38 AM.
  • Development 16 POSTS in 10 THREADS
    All this character development and fun are found in here. This includes procreation, and battle judgments. All things plotting and logs can be found in here.

    LAST POST made in Plotting | The Gang's All... by Zomburr on 01-24-2019, 01:11 AM.
  • Fun & Graphics 20 POSTS in 10 THREADS
    A relaxed zone, where studios reside, requests can be made and where fun can be had. Games can be posted in the fun section, but all interactions here are strictly OOC.

    LAST POST made in Collie's testing thread by ronaldNuh on 04-16-2019, 07:33 AM.

Open Lands
  • Tideless Shore 59 POSTS in 12 THREADS
    Tideless Shore, so named for its typical calm nature, is a narrow stretch of beach along the southern skirts of Starwave, and the place where the tall metal portals are most apparent in the shallows; it is here that newcomers arrive. The beach itself glitters with golden sands with waters of vibrant cyan, coloured with coral reefs that are scattered along the shore. There is little life here, asides from that of the seaweed, coral, and small variety of crustaceans and molluscs. The eastern side of the beach ends at an abrupt cliff face, above which lies the Halcyon Prominence; to the north the sands and reeds fade into Willow Marsh, ; and to the northwest the sand is replaced with the waves of blue and purple grasses and shrubs of the Cobalt Steppe.

    LAST POST made in It comes from below... by Mizumi on 03-06-2019, 01:37 PM.
  • Halcyon Prominence 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    Halcyon Prominence boasts the most eastern point of Starwave, and is a large plateau that drops off to the ocean along most sides, although along the eastern side the Tideless Shore can be seen below, and the only access is via paths from the Willow Marsh that weave up the north-eastern side. There are a few small island below the southern tip that look almost like stepping stones, although there is no path between them, and they are too far out from the Tideless Shore to be reached with ease. Trees within this area tend to be scarce, as the water that may collect in the streams is typically poisoned with Tine. However, there is plant life returning in the form of vibrantly coloured shrubs and flowers, which is bioluminescent during the night but often dormant throughout the day. It is typical to see replicant birds nesting within the cliffs above the beach throughout the day, with small reptile life scattered about during the night.

    LAST POST made in lone wanderers by Jorunn on 11-27-2018, 12:09 PM.
  • Willow Marsh 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    True to its name, Willow Marsh is a marshland that is home to Starwave’s giant willow trees. Their branches are strong and heavy, with the leaves drooping down into the waters in natural curtains. The elongated leaves here, however, are white on their undersides, and all plant life within the marsh boasts a soft bioluminescent glow; particularly the algae and mosses beneath the water. There are a few natural creatures that are able to call this place home, such as the typical myriad of insects and bugs, although it is mostly home to a few of the more dangerous replicant creatures. Willow Marsh provides the only access to Halcyon Prominence for those incapable of flight, done so via winding paths to the east.

    LAST POST made in Pulling Pieces From Our F... by Asmoral on 12-02-2018, 05:42 PM.
  • Cobalt Steppe 9 POSTS in 2 THREADS
    Cobalt Steppe is a vast grassland that borders the majority of the Tideless Shore. Here, the grassy sands closer to the border begin to change colour from their typical green into a beautiful array of blues and purples. There is little else to this land, asides from a few scattered shrubs and a variety of trees around the northern borders of the Ethereal Forest and Mirror Falls. Those that grow around the forest border are like the Birch, but are constantly painted in reds and oranges, whilst those closer to Mirror Falls tend to be more naturally green; it is in these areas where some rare natural wildlife may be spotted, otherwise it is largely typical to see grazer-type replicants and ground birds within the colourful grasses. To the east of the Steppe, heading into Nightstorm Haunt, the landscape becomes more rugged and damaged, with cavern entrances hidden throughout.

    LAST POST made in I want you, to want me by Jorunn on 01-27-2019, 11:47 PM.
  • Xachite Zenith 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    Xachite Zenith is a wintery mountain range situated in the north, bordering Mirror Falls to the east and south-east, Whitecrest to the west, and Willow Marsh to the south. It is a cold mountainous range, although only a few of the larger peaks remain from the earthquakes caused during the shattering of the moon eons ago. The snow is thick here, however, beneath the white blanket is one of Starwave’s most favoured metals: Xachite. There are other metals here, such as iron, platinum, titanium, even gold and silver, but Tine is extremely rare. Due to the immense cold of this region, very little grows here, although some trees like Snow Gums, Pine, and some Birch can be found scattered throughout, and small wintery shrubs here and there as well. There are, however, large predatory replicants that call this place home, especially ambush predators, making it a dangerous place to adventure.

    LAST POST made in some nights I can't get o... by Valda on 03-06-2019, 06:25 AM.
  • Ethereal Forest 12 POSTS in 3 THREADS
    From emerald moss covered rocks and gorgeous golden grasses, to the vibrant red leaves of the birch, alder, aspen, and sycamore, to the blues and purples of the aubrietia, daisy, morning glory, and cornflower, the Ethereal Forest is a place of extreme beauty. It is nestled to the east of Mirror Falls and overlooks Theutine Cove, and to the north is a path through a cave that leads to Ashenwave Den. No matter the season, the colours here remain constant, as the trees here are the only ones asides the willows in the marsh that do not lose their leaves during the winter. It is common to see life here, both real and replicant of varying types, although typically placid, although it is said that the ghosts of the past walk the forest, so something may not be exactly as it appears. Tine is also commonly found here.

    LAST POST made in here we are by Suledin on 01-29-2019, 02:51 AM.
  • Theutine Cove 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    Tucked behind Nightstorm Haunt’s extreme landscape is the strangely beautiful Theutine Cove; so named for the Theutine that is found in abundance within the water-beaten rocks. The cove is frequently bathed in a red glow during the day courtesy of the bordering Ethereal Forest, which often provides an eerie effect when matched with the black and silver sands. It is said that during the chaos that befell Starwave, there was so much bloodshed that the sands were permanently marred by blood and machine oil. At night there is a soft bioluminescence within the water that glitters along the dark beach due to dinoflagellates. There is a path that leads down from the Ethereal Forest, but access may also be granted via Nightstorm Haunt or Ashenwave Den’s cavern systems.

    LAST POST made in Sunscape by Xaori on 03-23-2019, 04:57 AM.
  • Ashenwave Den 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
    A place full of death and decay, littered with the corpses of alien machines, Ashenwave Den is perhaps the most dangerous place in Starwave. It is a largely open cavern system that boasts ice cold waterfalls that seem to be fed from somewhere within the Impassable Region. Whilst Tine is extremely common here, few dare to set foot in the cold dark caverns due to the belief that not all of the machines are dead, as no other life has ever been found. It is, however, still quite the beautiful place despite the lack of natural light, as all light within is provided by the glowing algae and fungi that grows around the deep water pools.

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The Clans
  • Nightstorm Haunt 4 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    Nightstorm Haunt is home to one of Starwave’s clans, the Simulacra. A giant triangular door is embedded within the damaged rock, allowing access to the immense underground multi-level cavern system. It is a place riddled with structures and the long-since-dead corpses of the aliens. Whilst the plant life outside the door are similar to that of Cobalt Steppe, those found within are vibrant cyan, violet, and emerald, and everything seems to glow with a perpetual bioluminescence. The surface of Nightstorm Haunt still shows the violence of what occurred eons ago, as it was the place in which Simulacra itself crashed into the earth, and as a result the ground is treacherous underfoot and nothing grows.

    Led by ---

    LAST POST made in It's a Great Day to Dance by Nylah on 11-29-2018, 11:46 PM.
  • Whitecrest 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
    High up on the edge of a mountain plateau, revealed by the last violent shakes of an earthquake, is an ancient city that has been claimed by the Hylan clan. There are many a metal structure throughout the mountains, and although some have been reclaimed by nature, those that remain are where the Hylan live; inside, and out. Here, the clan tend to the gardens that they have planted throughout, typically around the bases of these structures. The gardens are bright and colourful, with grasses of cyan and deep blue, all of which is fed by the snowmelt that flows in creeks and streams down the mountainside. The plateau ends on a sharp steep cliff that overlooks over Starwave for as far as the eye can see, although there is an impassable region to the northwest; none know what lay beyond, as the atmosphere is too thin for safe exploration.

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  • Mirror Falls 24 POSTS in 5 THREADS
    Mirror Falls is a large, long valley that runs through to the heart of Starwave, with many huge falls cascading down from the Impassable Region in the north, feeding the rivers that spread throughout the land. It is a place of peace and tranquillity, and it is there that one may find many living creatures. On the shores of one of the great rivers sits a great temple on the water’s edge; it is here that the Onyx have built their clan’s place in the very heart of Mirror Falls. It is a remarkable sight, and whilst it does show its age in places, the Onyx have cared for it as best they can, as it is used for both living in, and for the clan’s leadership, and is the hub of everyday life. Outside of the temple leading out into the valley, the river weaves and splits in many paths, keeping the forest and fields of flowers blooming. The edges of the valley are protected by the forests and rolling hills and steep slopes; it is a sanctuary, a safe place for all.

    Led by ---

    LAST POST made in An untold story by Willow on 03-11-2019, 04:18 AM.

  • Conflict 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    The ground shakes and heaves. All battles must be posted here if they are to be judged, but they can take place in any area of Starwave - it just needs to be listed where.

    LAST POST made in Battle Rubric & Forms by Nikkayla on 11-23-2018, 05:03 AM.
  • Theft 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
    Those with silver tongues and sneaking skill can practise their craft in here. it needs to be discreet enough... so good luck, and good luck to those who need to guard their goods and people.

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  • Reproduction 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
    Where the children come to life!

    LAST POST made in Breeding Form by Nikkayla on 11-23-2018, 05:07 AM.


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